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Last Time…

Friendships is a valuable bond,
To break it means death.
You leave the other’s world
To become a stranger of formalities.

Although alive to the world,
Through writing or words you chose to die
The moment I read your words,
Was the moment you passed away through my eyes.

Goodbye you told me twice
What friends would never do,
Clearly indicating,
Too much pride to allow you,
To ever change your mind
…and live again…

A friend of yours I am no more,
A friend of mine you are
To me, your death was painfully slow
You hardly felt a thing…

Looking deep into the eyes of strangers
Confused, running past the crowd
As nowhere do I see
The kindness and knowing I recognize.

Looking into the coffin,
Your glassy eyes stare back
I close them for the last time
As you chose to leave the world of the living.

I place your picture on your box
Under the engraving of your name
Following your funeral
To your grave.

At the final farewell
I shed a tear
I was your friend
You are mine.

As the last to leave, I remember
The day you decided to die
Was your life so worthless??
Were your friends so cheap??
Were we so unbearable??
To live with and keep??

Following the route
Of what seems like years ago
The wound of your decision
Still open, still bleeds
The suddenness of your act
Still alien to me.

Entering the graveyard,
Beneath which earth you lay
The sky begins to weep
Answering my heart's call.

In front of a grave
Which gravestone is withered
Squinting to read it
I still recognize the name
Of a friend…

I kneel before it
Soaked through now by rain
I place your flowers on the grave to my right
The grave of a stranger
Someone who neither showed me kindness, nor recognition
Someone who never hurt me…
To my dead friend I give this piece. He passed away on the 28th of December 2007…
May his soul rest in peace. He would have turned 18 today.

If the dead could make promises, I would have asked him to tell me as soon as he takes a breath once more.

I would like to thank :iconpsnick: for making the display image for this poem (i must add, it is not his best piece of work due to the fact that i gave him a low quality fault :XD:). I would also like to thank :iconsuzkha: for looking through the poem, making any corrections, and giving me advice in certain parts. Finally I would like to thank anyone who stood by my side, and helped cheer me up, anytime I needed them.
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March 21, 2008
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